Tilism (talisman) तिलिस्म (काव्यपाठ)

Sandy R is a journalist based out of India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh and for the last 15 years has been writing on a wide range of issues like crime, politics, social concerns, etc. An amateur filmmaker, Sandy R likes to delve deeper into human emotions and their impact on an individual’s life. Through powerful visuals and play of words, his endeavor is focused on exhibition of one's raw feelings in their purest form. Tilism is one such attempt

(Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsfskeXbgec)

Tilism (talisman) तिलिस्म

English translation: 
Some sacred memories are still alive in the corner of the heart. A few saffron threads are still found tied to a branch of a banyan tree, though, its colour has faded with time. A name is still seen etched on the wall of a mausoleum which neither rains could remove nor the intense heat of the Sun could destroy in all these years. That image is still alive which exists as well as doesn’t. It seems it has not died in the consciousness and that is why it appears and illuminates the moments of the past. It is often said that experience is like a furnace in which gold is melted and transformed into its purest form. Keeping that in mind, I too had burnt a pyre once upon a time. I still remember the shiver in my fingers when I had consigned her photograph into the trembling flames of the fire. Had thought it will relieve me of the burden of one-sided relationship. But its ashes are still buried at the corner of my garden. During Autumn, dry leaves often fall there and I collect them only to burn them at a distance from my home every year. And, whenever I travel, I stop at the river Ganga where my eyes are lost in measuring the depth of the waters and ask from the sacred river, “I have also preserved a few flowers. You are considered the mother. You soak the pain of the entire world inside you. Do you have the ability to calm down my turbulent feeling? I think the next time when I come here, I should perform that last rite also. If this chain of thoughts doesn’t break, the talisman will always remain intact
सेतु, जनवरी 2018 :: विडियो :: Video :: Setu, January 2018

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