Pillars Of Thought

Mario Vitale 
you base your reality on the external
paying little need or homage for what's internal
one soul soars while the other one burns
in this life you got to wait your turn
getting caught up in the mix
its all a cheap thrill fly by the pan type of fix
a challenge to be free is a question of time
why does one equate logic for fear
for i shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain
let your words be truthful & to the point
we still haven't made a single dent on society
looking to someone to set us free
we have chosen ill but faded rhymes
its the changing of the times
people will let you in but take you just so far
it all come don't to choice so no one can boast
like a lost seagull still found by heading back to the coast
teach your children well in there education
not to take a break on any long awaited vacation
we have to live between are means
listen to the voice of reason
its the changing of the season
to what we all have to be dealing
does this logic sound appealing
deep inside we have a reason to live
a willing chance by which to humbly forgive
yet its based on the way that you live
you must become selfless in a very selfish existence
pardon my french you need some confidence
this in order to make a dent on the real values we support
pillars of thought with hearts beating in the night
it is your right to share & care

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