Poetry: Srishti Sharma

Srishti Sharma

- Srishti Sharma

The Powerless

The helpless,
The weak,
The neglected,
Middle-class folks,
To provide,
Happy and comfortable,
To their kids,
Rush in a frenzy,
To board local trains,
That will ferry them,
To their destinations,
In the fast-paced city:Mumbai.
Suddenly held hostage,
By a few,
Aliens with long beards,
And black-masks,
Gunned down,
By them ruthlessly,
Leaving their families,
Completely impotent,
Fighting with,
The corrupt system,
Which provides justice,
In the form
Of monetary compensation,
Can precious human life,
Be equal to money?

Alone....Lost in a alien country

The lovely sounds of a mother,
Calling her daughter,
Keep buzzing in the,
Ears of the little doll,
Who is far away from her,
Lovely family,
The inspiring karmic talks,
Given by her father,
Is what she misses the most
But they remain as a lesson,
During the little girl's tough times,
The cute fights,
With her brother,
And the long car drives,
With him,
Is what she cherishes the most,
Amongst a long stay abroad,
In an alien culture,
With unknown people,
Strange language,
The most important lesson,
She learnt being far away from her family,
Is that you are all alone,
In this big world,
And the only love,
Tender care,
Heart-touching words,
Is all,
Inside your cocooned family,
And the world outside,
Is rather wicked,
And ready to kill you.
The only source,
To keep you alive,
Is your parent's,
Great teachings,
Faith in almighty,
And the great WWW.

Eve of New Year

Two little kids,
Malnourished bodies,
With a dupatta,
With a spring
At the,
Towering buildings,
Mindless displays,
Of Scarce energy,
In halls and lobbies.
Whereas hovels,
Remain dark,
And unlit.
Lanterns, lights,
Put on,
French windows,
For ushering,
In New Year.
Pretty ladies,
In slim-fit sheaths,
And I-Pods,
Men in Jackets,
And branded
Leather shoes,
CK fragrances,
Driving off,
In a chauffeur-driven sedan,
For splurging,
On the,
High-calorie food.
Without bothering,
For the,
Poor, hungry people,
In unhealthy slums,
Waiting to get,
A two time-meal,
Which will,
Help them live and sustain,
In this big world.

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