Pilgrimage in Togetherness: Roula Pollard

Roula Pollard
Along oceans I sail, along continents for centuries I walk
in search of a voice, in discovery of a soul
until our voices, our vision, our paths unite.
To fight against the darkness of time
to diminish hate piled up during eons
to prevent fear from penetrating our cells
to close the gap of the man-made abyss
to remove death’s wings flying over us
masked as nuclear weapons.
You, unknown to me then, became beneficent.
Your silence eloquent, eliminating distance of continents
until your sigh’s echo broke the storm of indifference.
I overcame with inner strength, illness, pain and loneliness
Humanity's strength I learned from you.
Along oceans I sailed, along continents I walked barefoot
in search of a voice, in discovery of a soul.
In the springs of courage, in search of water and food
I met myself in you.
See the starvation of our countrymen
remind the world of what is known.
Who protects unprotected orphans
who helps swollen bodies to soothe their deep wounds?
Yet, a glowing vision grows stronger by the hour.
God walks on the land, stretches above the plains of our mind
narrows the distance between divided hearts
and like a giant protective shield, extends hope to the horizon.
Unknown to me in the past, you are one with me on this journey
together, we toil, as one body for humanity
until humankind walks the land of Reason and Compassion.

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  1. Lovely poem that speaks about the mission undertaken in the love of humanity!


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