Translation: Bangla Poetry

Pankaj Saha
Translated by Jaydeep Sarangi (from Bangla)


How can I introduce myself?
I lost my passport
Someone has snatched away my hand bag
I am penny less, unworried, memory less
I have no doubt that
I am a man.

Will you be able to accept me?


Jaydeep Sarangi
On the hillock
Stone table chair
Sitting with tea
We looked at the far
Green valley below
The town is rushing in.

Wind like mafia
Irritates you.
Your dress,
Dry leaves on your dry hair.

Cries of memory
Without the windows and doors
This house
On the lap of the hills
Towards two floors and one stair case
Where Jatirindranath used to stand all alone.

What happened?
Maharshi Debendranath know
She burnt herself.

On the floor of Jorashanko
Ela wished Atin
They are third year students at Rabindrabharati
I stand  on that hillock
Putting down the tea cup.

If there is error
The girl will be burnt.
Or the boy
If the error runs through the ages….


Karna and Arjuna
Both of them came yesterday
On my window
At the third phase of the night.

Karna is hurt
He didn’t get his  mother’s affection.
Draupadi couldn’t understand
Pointing against Arjuna
Karna is furious for his unjustified death.

Arjuna extends his hands to Karna.

I climb up the window
In the Moon
Both of them dissolved in the air.
Stood a far from the divided Moon
In the belt of Mother’s affection.

PANKAJ SAHAWidely travelled as a poet and journalist, Pankaj Saha bags several key awards like Sahitya Setu Award, Michael Madhusudan Award, Utsab Sahitya Award, etc. He delivered talks on poetry at London Education Society. He was the Director of Doordarshan, Kolkata and served for the BBC, London. His poems are translated  into several Indian languages.  

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