Lonely Tracks!

Rameshwer Singh

- Rameshwer Singh

Lonely at heart
I walk
On lonely tracks!

Winds blow past me
Pick my tears gently,
Clouds gather over me
Caress my hairs softly.

A tiny bird sits on my shoulder
With empathy,
A little girl looks at me
Sitting on a train passing by me
On the parallel tracks.

My beloved nears and dears
Living in heaven and
Living on the earth
Become teary heart.

They ask me in unison
Why are you crying
And feeling the pain alone!

I say,
O Swirling winds,
O floating clouds,
O chirping bird ,
O little innocent girl,
And my dears and nears!
You are Angels of God!

My Love for you is eternal.

Let me fight my own tornado
Of shaken principles,
Let me get over
My anguish over crumbling values
Of humanity,
Let me understand the new concept
Of wordly pleasure and

Let me see through the uncertainties
Of existence of
Rivers,mountains and sea.

Let me think of and act on
The ways I may leave
A beautiful and peaceful world for you
And my future generations.

Let me be alone
I do not want you feel
The pain,the agony,the anguish
The helplessness of mine.

O Swirling wind
O floating clouds
O chirping bird
O innocent playing girl
And O my beloved ones!

Tears don't you shed for me.
Your tears shake me,
Your deep love and earnest concern
I can feel.

I love you,
I live for you forever!

O swirling winds,
O floating clouds,
O chirping bird,
O little girl and
O my beloved ones!

Lonely at heart
I walk on
Lonely tracks!

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