Poetry: Prem Prakash Limbu

Prem Prakash Limbu

Night expands
dewdrops tinkle out
--- winter laughs in.

Sun wakes late
with gloomy lazy yawn
---body loathes out.

  Damp earth around
  Sip hot tea at cozy bed
---wake up and work.

The fireflies wake
with luminous lanterns
---to guard flowers.

The hooting owls
warn the presence of the ghosts
---to let trees sleep.

Autumn dissects leaves
that turns annoyingly dead pale
---welcomes new morning.

From the violet’s womb
glowed a burning flame of love
---on the hazy earth.

Spring spreads its palette
paints the hopeful blossoms of joy
---why does storm sting?
Embracing eachother
blooms in the same pot brightly
---a friendship lesson.

My dandelion
spreads her silky glossy hair
---at the fresh sunrise.

With tickling silhouette
blood wine fills the sky till brim
---enchanting my heart.


On bald shiny head
the sprinter housefly that slips
---the old lazy man.

Buzzing mosquito
kisses my face and sucks blood
---Smack! And tastes its fate.

Fish in the water
gambols with balletic move
---why ever thirsty?

Thin legs in big boots
Plok! went into the puddle
---drying his wet socks.

The lonely heron
Contemplating enigma
---the jeering morsels.

Those broken baby toys
are caged in the dark attic
---freedom flew away. 

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  1. It really made me nostalgic. It's been pretty long I have not sent my work. I'll be sending my work. A great journal to explore. Thank you


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