Poetry (The Product of Pure Passions)

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani (Haraeen Hussain)

Poetry profuse erotic sensation
Words flow like a river to excite emotions
Poets concrete translucent state of imagination
Where breath is intervened in breath
And lovers dwell in the holy bliss of love
In hallucination lovers touch the bosom of celestial sanctum
Mystery chants their names
And heavens open the doors of eternity
To those who are merged in serenity of love
In the horizon of odes
A poet's thoughts glow in ecstasy
Words caress words and dance in joyous mood
Verses of poesy imprint images in the stars
Blood of poets turns into flowing ink
When they paint imagination on the canvas of life
Soul conveys a message to soul in words
Poets bestow compassion and express experiences, feelings and sacred emotions
Lyrics symbolize heart beat to give background music
When we chant the verses in eloquence to rejoice our souls
Poetry is a holy bliss
That puts life into dead objects
An artist ignites a fire in soul
The unheard music of poetic sensation is mesmerizing
Like moving water in the sea shores
In this soulful intermingling of divine passions
Words float and create a symphony, tides caress the soul of tides
Through poetry a heart travels in fascination
Words become a prayer, with gratitude and divine offerings
Sometimes imagination build a castle or a sanctuary in heavens
Where serenity and peace embrace the lovers
Poets are the pilgrims, creators and light bearers
Holding the candles of love to kindle this world.

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