R. K. Bhushan Sabharwal

R. K. Bhushan Sabharwal

Prof. R K Bhushan Sabharwal (b 1947) at Kartarpur in Jalandhar district has enjoyed enviable reputation as a teacher of English Language, Literature and Communication Skills for about 43 years in different colleges of Humanities, Engineering and Management. He was HOD, PG Dept of English, LR DAV College, Jagraon; Professor and HOD, Comm. Skills and Applied Sciences, NWIET and LGC. He also worked for sometime as HOD, English and Coordinator, Languages at LPU and was also a Course writer at the IGNOU and VMOU. Prof. Bhushan has been a visiting faculty and a Resource Person at workshops, seminars and conferences. He is held in high estimation in the profession far and wide for his versatility. The most outstanding feature of his accomplishment, besides being a multifaceted charming personality travelled widely in India and abroad, is his excellent command over language and its impeccable use with subtle shades of meaning. Even his poetic craftsmanship rising with a lilting rhythm in picturesque and weaving of imagistic patterns has made him one of the finest poets in Indian English Poetry.  He is not only an established poet but also a critic, short fiction writer, a book reviewer and editor.

He has published five poetry books introduced by world famous scholars and critics. These books are- Sentinels of the Soul, Rustling Leaves, Melodies of a Broken Reed, The Invisible Visible and Nerves of the Verbal Art( Songs of Follywood); three books of Literary and General Criticism- Diversions and Distractions in English Literatures, Literary Communion and Jayanta Mahapatra: A Poet of Unchallenged Fidelity to Art;  short stories- Cradle of the Dead and Other Stories. Prof. Bhushan has been included in anthologies of poetry and criticism and he is well-researched. His poems, articles, book reviews and short stories and interviews are frequently published in highly reputed referred research journals.

His present sixth poetry book, Terraced Fields in the Evening Sun, is his best collection so far in which the poet has shown amazing growth and maturity in the use of thoughts, emotions, ideas, philosophy and metaphysics suggested and expressed in personal and universal analogies, similes, metaphors and conceits. This collection has 51 songs as numbered but some poems have been divided into sections creating rhythmic turns and twists in the unimpeded flow of fresh meanings emerging and multiplying. The poet is at his best in unconsciously laying bare his heart to the reader. There is a new aspect of his poetic craftsmanship- his maiden attempt at writing poems in Japanese Gogyoshi style, a poem of five lines; these are ten poems in this collection. This book is expected to provide a greater delectable and sumptuous feast to feed all the senses of the reader.

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