Setu Editorial: September 2018

Sunil Sharma
The September edition is here---in its signature vitality, vividness and colours.
This month is marked by the presence of two writers who have redefined the art of writing---Tolstoy and Hemingway---not only for their respective generations but for the succeeding ones also. The holy ones are here as the beacons to be followed and read by the current consumers and practitioners of serious art. Tolstoy was the tallest summit of the world literature and continues to be that, dazzling in majesty and effect, on the recipient-consciousness. His exemplary life, writing style and moral vision are as relevant and inspiring today as they were in his time, earning him global admiration and respect. In his art, the individual and the artist both blend well and come out as an organic unit. Through his constant search and agony for living right kind of life, the aristocrat becomes one with his ideals and the moral synthesis finds brilliant expression, a fitting outlet, in his severe art that can be rarely imitated but never- ever duplicated.
For his devoted fans, the Count becomes a venerable saint, and, his work, their shrine!
The iconic-fiction by Tolstoy selected in this issue is a classic that speaks to us, despite dramatic changes in geo-political realities and practices of reading, and, the very environment of consuming artifacts and their creators in the new millennium. The two authors are the gold standards for a dynamic field, setting their bench marks forever. They wrote not only for their but also for the future eras as well. The interview with Hemingway is insightful and serves as a model resource for those interested in learning from the masters. Nobody is better than Papa in giving the tips about the art of writing. Here is the man who too lived his ideals and ideas in a way others could never do. The boxer, hunter, ambulance driver, émigré and reporter chasing big game or the enemies or watching the snows of Kilimanjaro is what he always was---a real hero evolving his own code of conduct in dystopias manufactured by the war-lords of imperialism.
Like Tolstoy, Hemingway is a summit that can never be scaled.
Our aim through such re-visits is to keep the dialogue open with the past and bring the best for contemporary audiences encouraged to read fantasies by a market economy.
They are the heritage that needs to be preserved.
Prolific poet Scott Thomas Outlar shares a video-recording of his poems with us, on request. Scott keeps on amazing his global fans by the pace and imagery of his works and he is always a delight.
David Allen is the Author of the Month. He is another stand out poet, making a difference through his poetry and editorial efforts.
September saw the end of the deadline for the call for nominations for the Setu e-awards in two categories---individual and group. Some of the entries were, sad to say, not even properly formatted and the senders hardly bothered about the guidelines given on the site. It seems some people do not bother about rules and regulations these days and want to do things as they please.
Anyway, there were other entries that were sent in a highly professional manner. The chair of the internal jury is respected Australian artist-thinker Rob Harle, our senior editor also. We will let you know the results, once the deliberations are over. It might take a month or so. Please bear with us.
Editor Agron Shele introduces us to writings from different parts of the world. He is doing a great job!
Recently Hindi Lit and the country lost an eminent poet and critic Kedarnath Singh. Setu mourns the passing away of a legend. As a tribute, translation of his select poems is carried elsewhere in this edition.
Then there are other writers and sections that will give you pleasure, aural, sensory and linguistic.
Big thanks to the writers and readers!
Please enjoy!
Editor, Setu, English
Kalyan (MMR), India

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