Paco's Atlas And Other Poems by John Thieme

John Thieme
Dear Friends,

While presenting September 2018 issue of Setu, I would like to thank you all again for supporting this bilingual journal. Because of your love, Setu is about to touch 500,000 mark for unique hits in a short span of 27 months. We have crossed 600 mark for uniques authors, and have published over 2,500 articles so far. 

Thank you all for receiving Setu Publication's first book 'Aesthetic Negotiations' so well. Penned by Setu editor Dr. Sunil Sharma, 'Aesthetic Negotiations' was released in the President House, New Delhi, in the small gathering last year. 

Now, I am here again, presenting second book from Setu Publications. The poetry collection "Paco's Atlas And Other Poems" is written by John Thieme, a renowned author and a Senior Fellow at the University of East Anglia, UK. He has been published in various journals including Setu. 

The cover art for Paco's Atlas is created by Aparajita Sharma, a budding artist and a senior in University of Pittsburgh.

Congratulations to John and a lot of thanks to our readers. The book is now available on and it's sister sites across the globe. Grab your copy and enjoy!

With all regular features, essayspoetryfiction, and audio-visuals September 2018 issue of Setu is here. 

Anurag Sharma
Setu, Pittsburgh 

Book: Paco's Atlas and Other Poems

Author: John Thieme
Genere: Poetry
Publisher: Setu Publications, Pittsburgh
ISBN: 9781947403000
Pages: 54, paperback, Kindle
Price: Free for Kindle Unlimited members;
$7.50 for paperback edition;

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