Poetry by Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha

Echoes of Silence

My silence echoes louder than my words
As my inner whispers becomes coherent
Thoughts tip-toe into my chaotic mind
Stirring the dust of silence
Quietly and calmly settling down
In muted mode
My silent sobs
Are lost with the sound of waves
the emotions get swallowed
As the waves crash against the shores
Splashing water droplets on my face
The tears continue to flood
My eyes my soul
The sea water and the tears
Together they give my tongue
A taste of salt
As I continue to sit engulfed in my grief
Without letting the world know my pain
The sea and me share our stories
As I continue to sit by the shore
I know I am not alone
I have a true friend in the sea.

The Finishing Lines

Running each day
After the finishing line .
I wonder, are there any
Finishing lines for life !
The unending journeys
The temporary destinations
Some success some failures
Some euphoria some despair
Some times the life peaks
Some times it hits the Rock bottom.
The journey however continues
In this limitless universe
Wonder why should I stop!
Some lines at times May look
Like the finality
The end
And May be the final stop
But on serious delving
They turn out to be mirages

So they can’t be my finishing lines
Yes I am certain They aren’t
I have unfinished tasks
Unfulfilled desires
Hence I need to come back
Again and again
May be many more times
To this universe
Each time to make a fresh start
To reach another finishing line …

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