Poetry: Kairat Duissenov Parman (Kazakhstan)

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Kairat Duissenov Parman (Кайрат Дуйсенов, Қайрат Дүйсен-Парман)

Kairat Duissenov PARMAN (Кайрат Дуйсенов) is a poet, composer, translator, essayist, Songwriter, journalist and public figure. He is also the founder and president of the World Nations Writers' Union in Kazakhstan (Qazaqstan) He is a member Of Seemed (A Copyright Society of Kazakhstan), the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Union of Writers ("Beybіtshіlіk alemi - Planet of the world"), the World Union of Poetry in Italy, and the International Writers Association IWA BOGDANI.

In 2016, he was promoted Professor of Humanities and was awarded a medal by the United Nations (for serving his community), he was also made an Ambassador of Peace Mission. "AMBASSADOR IN THE WORLD OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS (CO-GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS). Dr. Kairat Duissenov Parman had a "Silver Medal for culture of the World Parliament of Literature (W.U.P.)". He was also awarded ‘BOGDANI’ a prize by International Writers Association IWA on 27 November, 2017. Some of his poems have been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese and Azeri languages.

Kairat was born on 7th January, in 1964, at a village called Kokibel, Kazygurt District, in South region Kazakhstan. His Poems have been published in many world anthologies. Awtor to books: “Tugan jer ystyq bәrіnen” (Native Land warmer all), “Serpin – Impulse”.

He worked as chairman of the International Union of Writers Association "Beybіtshіlіk alemi - Planet of the World”, from 2010-2014. He was made Director of a publishing house named "Halyqaralyq zhazushylar odagy", in 2011. He has been also a chief editor of the site www.temirqazyq.com, since 2011. On September 18, 2014, he was appointed the President of the World Nation Writers Union and the Chief Editor of World Nations Writers’ Unions Web-sites www.akgo.org and www.wnwu.org.

In The Heavy Rain

We are again in the heavy rain
We are walking together but here alone
Say please, “You are my destiny?”
Is it possible to ride forever on the same boat?

When I look at your shining eyes
I can’t tear myself away, I stop for a long time
I forget myself and get engrossed
And go on burning in the flame of love

Our umbrella brings us closer
And the autumn rain pours heavily
God units us under one refuge
And the feeling of love caresses us both

You take me along like a log in the flood
Then rest me like a yahont in the blue sea
I yell from there at the top of my voice
“It is the happiest moment of my life”.


When I call out, you do not come close
You do not think
I have been suffering from loneliness since long.

Yes! It is true, you are an angel for me,
You have a delightful soul,
I perceive you always like this.

Usually you take care of the zamnoy so carefully
But you do not come near
You do not speak so easily, but I know,
“Patience is glistening gold”.

When you are not near, I talk to your silhouette
She understands me more than you do
You torture me with your answers and this spoils
My mood, but she feeds me with a divine food.You

Nobody Looks For Me

What is going on in the era?
The people are distracted,
Friends are changing into foes,
The life weeps and wails,
We live life
But by cutting off from others.

I pray to God that He may give us all wisdom,
I am very anxious, no one needs me,
No one looks for me,
Therefore, I show myself but rarely,
Neither do dress myself, nor do comb the hair,
And always keep on sitting
In some corner of a room,
Like an invisible ghost, no one looks for me
As my name is Poetry.


Listen to me!
The world needs «worlds of poems»!
Let burning poems will reach to one’s heart S, mankind love the poems

Cheer up with inspiration
Let’s start on the way of peace
In order to melt ice heart with our burning hot poems

The world needs all of us!
Take a pen by grace of God…
I wish I could rescue the world with my bright poems like the bright dew!


By the grace of God
I have a friend and an enemy
The first one is pulling me forward, last one backward
Did you see that, they are fighting!

It seems to me my friend is my enemy
He nonstop forbidden me with his endless forbidden things
His judgment is so inhospitable like my father’s judgment
But my enemy is always at my side (He is agreeing with my intention)

As soon as I show interest, he said: Do what you want
He starts to burns my lust (forbidden things)
At the same time, I follow my bad side
I feel so excited and my nose starts pulsing

As the say, I don’t care if you die
As soon as the case to be done, you will get rid of your enemy
When i broke my soul
Only my true friend will be sitting worried beside me

…My enemy makes fun of me
And he is always mess up
But a true friend makes me cry
And lead me to right path

This is Gods will
Now, tell me please, what did you see, what do you know?


I’m at home, but my dream is far away
No, no, I have not reached to the space yet
I’m egger to find keys of the world
If I find this, I would never have lost it

I’m at home, but my consciousness is traveling the world
I keep look for, but it keeping cheating
It very fast, I can’t follow it
Am I really mesmerized?

I’m at home, but my desire is in the sky
I have already found out where my lost belongings
I almost reached the stairs which contains the keys of world
I’m at home.

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