Poetry: Leyla Isik (Turkey)

Exclusive: Poetry from Europe and other Western locations: Curated by Agron Shele

Leyla IŞIK  (Turkey)

Vice President of KIBATEK 

Leyla IŞIK – Educator-Poet-Writer-Artist
She completed the primary and secondary education in İzmir. She studied at the Teacher Training College in Usak. She graduated from the Faculty of Education of Eskişehir Anadolu University and retired from the primary school. Leyla Işık, the Vice President of KIBATEK and International Organization and Project Coordinator, organized the 31st KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in Istanbul / Tuzla in 2003, 34 th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2004 and 39 th KIBATEK International Litrary Festival in 2016 together with the Pablo Neruda Cultural Association in Taranto. Currently, she keeps on her works at the 42nd KIBATEK International Litrary Festival Project in Ortahisar (CAPPADOCIA).
Leyla IŞIK has many valuable awards in her literature life.
Her Awards;
2003 – İksder-İzmir Culture and Art Association “Halikarnas Fisher Cevat Şakir” First Prize Poetry Award,
2008 – Şaire Mehseti Gencevi (MŞM) Honorary Diploma on behalf of
Azerbaijani Baku Poet Mesheti Genjevi for Serving Turkish World Literature.
2013 – Atilla İlhan Friendship and Fidelity Medallion from Platform of Love Izmir
2015 – World Young Writers Association (DGTYB) Litrary Award,
2016 – Rumen Dialect, Poetry, Art, Literature Platform International Literature, Friendship and Peace Prize.


If I could fly a bird whose wings are
Loaded with love to humanity
If it could wander over all countries
For LOVE is needed
To live fraternally
If I could hear neither hunger screams
Nor gun sounds
If I could remove
The hearts full of grudges and hate
And instead put the ones
Full of love for fraternity and humanity.

If I could fly a bird whose wings are
Loaded with love to humanity
If it could take liberty to all countries in the world
For PEACE is needed
To live fraternally.

If all countries could speak a common language, a heart language,
Their hands would not touch guns
And pull the triggers.
For a heart language is needed
To live fraternally.

Whether in Bosnia-Herzegovina or Iraq
Or in another place in the world
People should not be killed. Babies
And children should not be left orphaned.
Stop this savagery, that’s enough!
Don’t let blood floods run.

OH MY FACE . . .

You are where my shadow gone blind has left you off.
It is useless, even if my image, which behind the mirror
Has got undressed into its tain,
Takes its real face off and turns inside out!
I have broken and spent my eyes.
My tears pregnant with darkness,
You are the aged wine hoping for candle light’s help
In the bottle of time.
Oh my face . . .


I tirelessly waited for you on this beach everyevening
The clouds soaringly left the welkin
The oleanders wilted and their pinks felt sad
The corners of my heart remained desolate,
Since you did not come…

Without you the sea became turbulent, and the waves got foamed out of their grief
The darkness angrily spreaded its skirt and covered everywhere
Feelingtired, the seagulls in the sky do not want to fly
The sea, the beach and my loving heart are all sad,
Since you did not come…

The winds are sighing, it’s the sad evening descending
The lights that go down to the sea are unamusedly sparkling
The flowers are faded, the leaves fell off the weeping willow
The blue sand the grens are all offended by you
Since you did not come…
 Setu, September 2018

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