Setu Editorial: November 2018

Sunil Sharma
The November issue is ready.
The usual care and affection has gone into it as well.
Every month, trying to provide serious stuff is a challenge and hopefully, getting delivered---as the page-views confirmed recently. More than half-a-million visitors is not a small achievement. All due to your kind patronage---reading and writing communities.
It is a watershed moment!
We remain indebted for the same.
Another happy landmark is the announcement of the e-awards for the winners who have made a lasting contribution to the dynamic field of arts through their consistence, quality and dedication. The solo and joint nominations were discussed and debated and then finally decided by the senior editor and artist, the Australia-based Robert Maddox HarleRob Harle for friends, and the Chair of the jury for the year 2018.
Setu congratulates the achievers thus recognized and appreciated in our own humble way---and thanks to Rob for always assisting us, month after month.
We are proud of these authors that are functioning as role models and whose actions and words comfort their fans.
Let their tribe increase!
This month’s edition is rich and thought provoking and global in reach, or almost.
A wide variety in geographies---mental, physical and cultural here.
Thanks again to the esteemed contributors and readers alike.
Your support makes the journal a distinct vehicle of fine taste and radical change.
And to Anurag Sharma, the editor-in-chief, for his silent industry and vision in making the e-zine your most loved one!
Read on, please.
Best wishes,

Sunil Sharma
Editor, Setu, English
Kalyan (MMR), India

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