Three Poems by K. Subapriya

Dr. K. Subapriya

Innocence – A Strange Permutation

Thin sheet of mist over the lawn
Sun dissolves.
Exposure to the world
Innocence dissolves. 

Bliss in mother’s womb,
Curse in mortal world,
Peace in darker tomb.

Destroys in competitive world,
Constructs salvation
In unknown world.

Innocence- a dichotomy
Within itself
Woven with combination.

Let the Bee Hum

Womb of flower
Soft, lustrous and colourful.

Steals the honey
Sings merrily and flies.

Hark! honey and he (bee)
Dissolves in deforestation.
Man sing dirge with the rhythm of axing.

No more union,
Wedding bells,
With the blessings of flowers;
Honey pleads for bee
“Let the Bee hum”.

One step behind

You and me
Walked side by side;
Fringes of my sari
And your heart
Moved forward
Rhythm to the tune of steps.

Exchange of little words
Sharing heavy silence
Filled with meanings,
Mind penetrated the silence
Filling the gap.

I read your mind;
Senses frozed,
Heart commenced its function
Love glided and landed
With a strong foothold

Leaving me ONE STEP BEHIND. 


  1. Cascaded words a symphony of optimistic joy..Beautiful woven piece of words mam💕💕

  2. Cascaded words a symphony of optimistic joy..Beautiful woven piece of words mam💕💕

  3. All three are good Mam.. I loved Innocence – A Strange Permutation.. The choice of words is good and the poems are crisp with heavy with content..

  4. Mam took good all the three poems are. The choice of words are amazing. So much of meaning and thought. Wonderful work mam

  5. Thanks to all the people for your motivating and cheerful comments.

  6. Nice ones, and my favourite 'One step behind' 'senses frozed', Ah , the beauty of staying Young.


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