Poems by Durga Patva

Durga Patva

Friendship Day
It is an auspicious Day
When you came as a friend in my life
That day I came across in a world of gay
You taught me the real meaning to be alive.

I never seen before the light and ray
You sent on my path far from the mile
You sent it only for me in a prophetic way
The mortal world is divine, after seeing your smile. 

As a true friend you helped me in grasping the real;
Meaning of infinite wait! Between life and death,
You taught me to lead rapturous life with great zeal
Now I say you are a part of my life and full faith.

Your friendship enlightens all my dark rough way
Dear Friend, Stay! In me, with me as my eternal pray
Let's celebrate the vitality of this Blessed Day!
We will be true friends forever that I swear.

A Tribute to Meena Alexander 
Born in Allahabad, left imprint, by her literary wealth
A poet, essayist, novelist, and scholar of par-excellence
Studied in Khartoum and the University of Nottingham
Mentored by *Jayant, Kamala Adrienne and Galway
Came into limelight with her brilliant poetic ray
When death came she fought bravely but no help.

Suffered from Cancer, wrote in an insightful style
An Indian daughter and dignity with echoing voice
She will stay alive because of her poetic choice
Her life took a journey from India to New York
Intermingled with national and international folk
Slowly fell in a faint for whole worldly profile.

A polyglot, spouse of David Lelyveld and a mother
Of Adam and Svati led such a life none can cover
A precious gem shaded with Indian and western colour
Has high place in literature due to her poetic oeuvre
Scented this world with- novel, poetry and proper lecture
Not any other but, the greatest shine- Meena Alexander.

*Jayanta Mahapatra, Kamala Das, Adrienne Rich and Galway Kinnell
Life is What You Decide
Life is yours. You decide,
To make it slight or worldwide;
A fruitless tree or a fruitful ‘Kalp’
Expanse as a whole or limit in self
Repulsive a lie or erudite Truth
Yours decision, you approve.

Life is yours. You decide,
To make it slight or worldwide;
A worthless thorn or a useful flower
A terrible might or a daring valour 
An obnoxious mud or an eye-catching lily
The herculean tasks or have some silly.

Life is yours. You decide,
To make it slight or worldwide;
A hopeless oblivion or an energetic pun
A saturnine sorrow or a beaming fun
A barren desert or a fertile land
Fade reminiscence or a magic band.

Life is yours. You decide,
To make it slight or worldwide;
A roughly stone or a shining pearl
A tiny body or a soul unfurl
Vicious darkness or revitalising light
A mortal dwarf or a part of Divine Height.

To the Follower of Love
Love takes place in the heart of love
Love’s idol is worshiped in the temple of love
Love’s light enlightens in the eyes of love
Love tune dances into the ear of love
Love’s fragrance spreads in the garden of love
Love’s hope cures for the pain of Love
Love presence realizes in the soul of love
Love is everything for the whole of Love

To My Beloved Guide
How blessed I am! As I nurtured in the shower
of thy beauteous motherly love, and fear of a father,
light of rigidity, genuine water of thy teaching
My Golden time! You taught me true value of learning.

With a kind heart of motivation and patience
You helped me to strive for a high aim in tense
Seeing my potential, instilled me how to set afire
of lore: you gave me more than what I required.

Blessings of thy guiding hands and concerned smile;
remedied all my troubles. You are a heavenly profile,
a bold and serene spirit, supervised my research work
My gratitude is here, as you loved me more, I deserve.

To me, you are not a being, rather a realm of divine
Who enlighten my path and show me the core of alpine
My escort, my guide, has a heart and a soul benign
You are the transcendent gift of my lord’s sublime.
Dedicated to my guide, Prof. Nishat Haider (Lucknow University).

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