Poetry: Sangeeta Sharma

Sangeeta Sharma

- Sangeeta Sharma


A lone sparrow
Flapping her pinion in a rhythm
Soars high
In the sky
That’s her Republic:
Wide expanse of grey clouds
No boundaries, no barriers,
Of caste, class and gender
Sans traffic jams
And rat-race
Cool breeze and abandonment
The passerine is the true Sovereign!


The soothing, beatific smile
Of the most popular deity, Lord Krishna:
The smile of ‘All-Knowing’
Inspires to remain
In the worldly fire
And play different roles
As a ‘karma’ - Detachedly
Remembering that
Our true consciousness
Is eternal
Bound to one day
Merge with divinity
And that would be true bliss!


Sweet Peace! Why are you so nimble-footed?
Why do not you stay?
Light-winged, you fly
Hopping here and there
And the next not anywhere.
Tequila, Tater Tots or Twinkies
Badminton, Bowling or Billiards
Or a Bonanza
Cannot help in buying thee
Far from the disgruntled you flee!
Envy and flay
Do not let you jovial and gay
But does not peace make you
Peaceful when you are
Static you remain
Neither do you prosper nor you get fame
Be focussed and keep moving!
Be at peace even when it’s the darkest lane!

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