Poetry: Amita Ray

Amita Ray is a retired associate professor of Uluberia college, Howrah in West Bengal. She resides in Kolkata and is a translator, Short story writer and poet. Her English translation of Abanindranath Tagore's KHIRER PUTUL has been recently published. An academic of varied interests she has been in the teaching profession for thirty nine years.

It started only to end-
An echo of the unborn last birth.
A journey of sunshine sweeping everlasting happiness
Locked in the crimson halo of their gaze
Brewed in the coffee they sipped through a single straw
The euphoria of tossing the world ocean green
The tryst of trust sealed with that maiden kiss.
Heartbreak slit the vow of togetherness
Stealthily as a grey shadow, then with a bang
The “other” trespassed the territory of trust
Tearing apart a disillusioned visage.
The fragrance of all that had been and never will be
Spiraled up like a wisp of smoke
Hovered over her gnarled youth.


She conceals a teardrop
In the fold of her diary
The bluebird frisks it out, tosses it off the edge
It trips, topples into abysmal gloom--
Boisterous as the raging gale
A never ending array of miniscule drops, bubbles, froths
Lashes the vortex of grief, churns out life’s nectar.
Silent beauty oozes from the purged pupils, the resurrected soul
Cradles a once muffled voice in strains set free.

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