Voices Within: Gopa Bhattacharjee

Gopa Bhattacharjee is born and brought up in Kolkata. She completed her Masters in English and has been a teacher’s trainer and a part time lecturer for many years. She is an entrepreneur by profession but passionate about writing poetry. She is enthusiastic about weaving poetry relating to the realities of lives and diversities of nature. She has a strong desire to reach out to the millions through her work, to make them aware of the art of spontaneous feelings. Her poetries are being appreciated in the social media and it is published in national and international journals and in an anthology named ‘Muffled Moans Unleashed ‘.

Silence in love

Have you ever felt the silent clouds?
Embracing the silent moon.
Hiding her each time he envelopes,
Her with his dark blanket.
Have you ever felt the silent whale?
Playing underneath the silent ocean.
Being killed by the silent harpoon,
Silently she undertakes the pain.
Have you ever felt the silence of the forest?
Silently the wind brushing through her.
Passing without even noticing,
Touching every chords of her emotions.
Have you ever felt the silence of love?
Silently very stealthily;
He touches your heart, mingles your brain.
Leaves you in a state of stupor.
I felt it once, when love entered my courtyard.
Silently whispering the reminiscence;
Of those lost embraces, lost pain, lost emotions.
But left me behind with the feeling that,
Silence has its charm too.


Thou! Moon,
You shine so bright.
I know it's your birth right.
Your glow hits my eyes,
Like an arrow from a bow.
Please shine a little low.
I will take the kaajal from my eyes?
To smash on you.
Covering you with a blackish hue.

Exposing my love's abode,
Under the soil secretly he lies
Hidden from the world's eyes.
Wrapped within our thoughts down low
Of passionate love, old memories that flow.
Don't you dare;
Reflect so brightly.
I will send dark clouds
To cover you slowly eternally.
*kaajal- kohl /soot applied as cosmetic in eyes

Good Mornings

The cup that bore my name
Was kissed by your lips
Every cold dampen mornings.
It was not the steam of hot tea
That moistened your eyes.
But the misty memories
That fell down as tears.
Take a sip my love
You will feel my warmth
Entangled in your tongue.
It will no more bring tears
But the sweet essence of
Our shared embodiments.
Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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