Voices Within: Debendra Sahu

Debendra Sahu is a Corporate-Finance Banker, a dreamer by nature, free bird by spirit and seeker by choice is a passionate young Poet who finds his calling in penning down poems through his experience and imagination put together in the best combination. Words and metaphors are his best buddies when his thoughts go wild and flow free in the canvas of poetry. His passion for bilingual writing in Oriya and English got recognition at a very early age through publications of poetries and short stories in magazines, plays in All India Radio, TV and stage that he wrote.

Bouquets near the Woods

That day you softly said with a feathery smile that men don’t cry,
Gulping down few tinted pills lying at the hospital bed
While reticently unveiling the blanket from your withered face.
Trust me, I have never rained a drop of tear after that,
Even when you traversed on a long adieu to a virgin land
Packed in a box located at six feet down
Leaving me in the lurch like a kite unthreaded, detached & trashed.
Maybe I was fragile so my heart was reduced to multiple wee pieces
But I held myself like an earth clutching all the five oceans of my eyes
Without spilling an ounce from the waves splashed in my face,
Tight fisted, contained the uprising in my quivering pulses.

O’ my Turtledove, one day I will go six feet below to find your lips,
Caress them for infinitude over and over again
Erase that somber expression on your ravishing face.
Careful enough not to awaken you from your deep slumbers,
After all, finally you have gone to your bed
In search of bouquets of Lily near the woods.

Weaker with Every Breath

The pensive full-moon peeping through the hanging clouds
Midnight sea-winds roaring from the desolate shores
No one around to chase away the tidal rolling waves
Or run away from the water whitened like milk that swells.
I am lying solitary on the beach like one last flower of the season
To my left the vast sea and to the right, the city of Mumbai
Beneath my immobile body the wet ocean of sand
And above, the infinite grey skies hovering over
Till yester-night, he was my brother; love, pain, smiles and tears
For he was mortal, travelled towards the heavens.
When he was too full of sleep to understand or realize
I was there when his body gently laid into rest in fire.

My mind strolling in search of a fountain of wines
Where I can lie inebriated closing both my eyes
Wishing to pull over the sky and spread over me
Tell the stars, no more to twinkle and fool around
Bring the clouds closer, not to rock but to hide beneath
For I am growing weaker, a crumbling pillar with every breath.

In Pursuit of Bliss

O Chandelier!
For ages you have been staring at me
You remain silent, still gazing at me.
From a peripheral view, have caught you smiling at me
Murmuring thousand tales, even shedding tears for me.
Often heard you saying, ‘O Candle, I love your appearance
Wherever you travel, sprinkle an enduring elegance.
You exuberate an ambience that’s so soft, yet warm
I love your beauty, nothing else but your charm’.
But fail to understand that you never go down
On your knees and whisper, ‘I love you, you are my own.’
Wonder, why love doesn’t kindle within you
Or your soul get ignited or inflamed within you.
Why are you holding yourself back at the fence
Is it the vagary of modesty, inhibition or mere diffidence!

O Chandelier!

I know you are a magician with a piper
I can crawl on you & wriggle, if you make me a creeper.
Lie me down, hover over me like the sky and then kiss
Bring your hands around my waist and crush my lips.
Show little more magic, you be a sea and make me a river
Open your arms, let me flow into your embrace, O my dear.

Let me warn, no more my wick can withhold the flame
Be hurry, my wax is melting so rapid
I know I cannot tame.
Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Unknown,
      Thank you very much that you liked my poems.
      Yes, I will keep writing in future also.
      Thanks again for your support.
      Debendra Sahu

  2. weaker with every breath...

    it was an unique experience... the flow of thoughts... words was like abstract painting on Virgin canvas...

    I really admired the free flowing expressions....

    let the creative juices flow freely, from within

    Ram Choudhary...

    1. Dear Ram Choudhary,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful words and wishes. Keep supporting in future also.
      Warm Regards
      Debendra Sahu

  3. Devendra ji,your creations are like fathomless depth of oceans,bringing out rare gems of intense emotions.keep it up,and make ucoites proud to have priceless asset amongst them

    1. I am humbled for your kind words and appreciation. Thank you so much for your encouragement too 🙏🌹❤️

  4. Devendra ji,your priceless words,bringing out gems from fathomless depths of ocean are exclusive. emotional,and with a sense of abondanment

    1. I am overwhelmed by your warm words. So honored. Thank you very much. Keep encouraging 🙏🌹❤️


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