Voices Within: Sangeeta Sharma

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma is a widely-published critic, poet and writer. She has authored a book on Arthur Miller and jointly edited anthologies on poetry, fiction and criticism. She is a free-lance journalist, currently head of the department, English, B.K.Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous), Kalyan, Mumbai Metropolitan Region. She can be reached  at drsharma.sangeeta@gmail.com.


I believe in love and compassion
Hate is too great a burden to bear
An attitude that is rare
But that’s how I am
The moment I think of others’
Shortcomings or sham
Am reminded of their little goodness
Somewhere in the bygone days.
Hatred  evokes
Bitterness and vengeance
God has gifted me the adroitness
To forget the craftiness
Of the Thistles and Wraiths
And be like Olivia and Topaz
Doing good even to bad.

The Urban Tragedy

Troops of Pigeons
Can be seen in urban areas
These days
Tens have become hundreds
Of late!

Fresh morning hours
Chirping and
Are all over
The sky
The trees and
The electric cables

Two pigeons-
Indulging in beak-rubbing and
Pre-mating dance
Suddenly there is a blast…
A case of short-circuiting

The two charred bodies
On the cable wires
Remain tragically glued!

Virtuous  Rose

The guy lay
Dejected and depressed
In the garden green
Beside a rose bush
Mulling over
Ways to cheer up his sullen lover
The sight of the crimson roses
Around and their fragrance
Soothes his senses.
Plucks a long-stemmed white rose
And scuttles to his lover
Living across the lake
Offers her
The fresh stunning rose
Her puckered forehead
Countenance beams
Sprints towards
Her beau
Stamps a kiss on his cheeks
Swings in his broad arms
Forgetting the
Virtuous Rose!


Once it glowed and charmed
One and all
You felt like an empress
Divine beauty that thawed
And dissolved
All resistance of the high and the mighty
Admired yourself
Prided in adorning,
And flaunting
Nothing is eternal
Especially ‘Youth’
Heyday does not last
But fades
And faints fast
Once that had
Buoyed and bloomed.
Like Cinderella who is blessed
With glory and grandeur
Resumes her old self
At the chime of 12 midnight
Similarly, age catches up
While you are still straightening.
There is haste in decline
Inertia supplants action
Debility, ability.
Pain overrules joy
Longing to hold on
The past grace and charm.

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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