Voices Within: Sanjeev Sethi

Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three books of poetry. His most recent collection is This Summer That Summer (Bloomsbury, 2015). He is published in more than 25 countries. Recent credits: Talking Writing, Poydras Review, Miller’s Pond, Litbreak, Red Savina Review, The Piker Press, Poetry Super Highway, Formercactus, The Five-Two, Datura Literary Journal, Amethyst Review, Ethos Literary Journal, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.

Year-End Musings

To be a memorist is to ail. Lucky
are those who draw a blank. Faster
it seems to be moving, finer is the
phase. If it begins with a smackeroo,
it’s swell, if not you’ve another 364
days. When canorous tonalities mono-
polize: the thoroughfare is convivial.
It’s alimentative to be swaddled in
sanctified fare.


Traumas are parked in carports across 
cells of the body. Unused machinery
has its idiom: one, it is slow to rev up.
Ephemera like injury outlives its utility.
Are postmortems for the mauled? 
Smooth drives settle most dictions.


Rent, this remoteness nods psychedelic
frames on mure to flag animation of a
new association. Sardined whereabouts
thrust the mind towards you. Purported
to be pard in absentia?

Compulsive need to splash, the showiness
removes me from your resume. Not litotes
but restraint. Subtlety is strength: announce
onset without announcements. My other love
must dial back.


When pellets from their paradise
crack open strands, I instruct
myself to be buoyant. I domicile
in hallowed doctrines. Nothing
happens. I must be a recreant
devotee, I tell myself. I maturate
the moment I gain plenaries with
self. This isn’t a onetime-act. It’s
a process. One never grows up.


Nicety and nuance pad fissures
to ensue a fusillade of feelings
spill over into various forms.
Symmetry in stanza croons to
core: my hygiene to happiness.

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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