Alicia Minjarez Ramírez, MEXICO

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez

Who will unite my fallen petals
Torn from
The heart itself
Of the flower of my existence?

Who will return the smile
What murderous hands
Suffocated in the mud
And the manure of the world?

Who will bring back
My radiant life
Snatched in a
Cowardly act
Of rape?

Sterile earth
And burning stone
As impotent sea
Covers my roots.

My voice breaks
In twilight,
I want to sing and forget,
Burning voice
Living ashes,
It burns in the vast sky

Questions without answers
Today I do to the moon.
Silent ...
Like the chill coffin
Wraps my whole body.
Who will return my life?

To: my mother with love and respect.

She kneads in the flour
Her little girl song.
Memories in the air,
Tactile smells of
Remains of dawns
Over green meadows;
Treasures in cotton sacks
Yearnings filled up
And sterile that never grow.

She kneads in the flour
Utopian blue suns.
More than tortillas
She extends
Small fish rivulets;
Dismiss her bare feet
Bathed in frost
While she rinses
Childhood voids,
Digs short stories
From the cupboard
And tears refuse
To stay or go
Brown sugar loaf
Dissolves the sorrows,
Melodic essences
fly away
Like a chased kite
Through endless
Golden avenues.

She kneads in the flour
Captivated pebbles
Among ball-and-stick toys
And scarves tips.
Ethereal weaver
Of dormant passions;
Odors meanwhile
Pave the wind,
The lightness of silence
Blurs away her smile.

She kneads in the flour
Long gone illusions
Saved by time.
It rains in her broken sky,
Chords with no sound
Where poetry converges.
Soaking chimeras
My mother prepares
A sweet syrup
Upon the aromatic oil
Of fritters.

(Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez, Mexico)


God has never been away from you!
God is hidden behind your eyes,
Behind your smile,
On the illusion of your face.
He is under the invisible thought.
He is the sublime intelligence
That certifies and gives you
The power to believe!
He is the wonderful vital force
Sustaining your life
Forever and always.
Invisible essence
Of thought and emotion.
You are not a body with flesh,
But a principle of light!
Pure energy living within you.
You're not who lives,
But what you feel!
You are soul and spirit!
An entity of Light!
God lives in your heart.
Love what you are
And hear God in your soul
Embrace your life fully,
Live and be Happy,
You are not alone
God is always with you.

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez, poet, translator, singer, University Professor, and a Radio and T.V. broadcaster, was born in Tijuana, Mexico. She is an internationally renowned poetess and author. She is a recipient of numerous awards the latest one being: the EASAL Medal by the European Academy of Sciences and Letters 2018 at Paris, France, "Pride of the Globe" WNWU, Kazakhstan 2018 Award, "Universal Inspirational Poet", Pentasi B World, India 2017 Award and a Special Mention and a Medal in the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE Italy 2015, recognized by UNESCO.

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