Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya, INDIA


Your pounding heart
And the fond incline
Of your erect form
Touched my fancy with
The beauty of desire.

There’s that well
Of your yearning eyes
Brimming with memories,
Often aroused
By present reality.

Thirty six or sixty three –
Age makes no difference;
As long as the banyan
Puts forth leaves
There’s rejuvenation.

Binding love is rare
Sacrilege to façade.
What keeps hurting you
Can chop the roots
Of denigration.

Yet, somehow
I need not speak;
A little wine in
Quiet company
Is more desired.


There was once a man
With hurt pride
And a bleeding heart
Who sang melodies of fulfillment,
Welcomed every travelling smart
Woman of her choice
To tread yet again
On his aching heart.

I warned him not to go overboard
With docility as it were…
The man in him I tried to wake up
And he shuddered at the insignificance.

There he lay shattered
And I on the opposite shore stood helpless,
As much as I would want to restore
The blighted pride
And his forlorn consciousness.

Often in my dreams I see him wafting
Ashore on my side
And me nursing the heavy head,
But it’s the waking hours that tell the lie
And bleeding still he lies listless.

When creation placed us shores apart
Our will could never cross the sea.
Our hearts can race and match the pace
And that’s just as much as we can expect.


We never go beyond the arms and the eyes
Never ever seek the smell of semen.
We never linger in the fumes of the cunt
And rush to rinse us of the residual stain.

We never bite into flesh of those we hug
We never tousle limbs and check their stretch
We never think of hair as necessary ornament
And never leave behind a body in pain.

Yet poetry, so to say, a weapon of infamy
Serves men to defile all womankind
With words of unkind ingratitude
Even if a life has gone in service blind.

I for one would rather bear in mind
The lyrics pulling men’s dirty legs,
Rich in sarcasm and profound in lore
Witty and poignant and poetry at its best.

Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya is an Indian writer. She has been awarded the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi's Best Book Award for English Novel of the year 2016. She is Associate Professor of English, Postgraduate Government College, Sector-11, Chandigarh. Her forthcoming novel is called Still She Cried.

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