Annie George, INDIA


It was fun and friendly
yet fierce.
The opponents hit out at each other,
Volley of words
No referee to smoothen out
differences in a verbal duet.
The fences the limit.
The punches in defence
is all the Indian girl required.


What do I do,
when I’m driven out of the house
that I already do not own?
What do I say,
when I’m silenced
from the freedom of speech,
that has never been my birth right?
How do I feel,
when that same drowsy numbness
Overpowers me
the same way it did my forerunner first.
How do I express the urge to find
an outlet for creativity that creates
Chaos in a cosmos that is hardly my own.

I look out of the window, this springtime
And the answer lies there!


The act of boiling milk, early morning, is a day’s planner.
The day’s routine comes to mind.

The children’s fees,
The telephone charges,
The electricity bill…
Are all to be paid.
What shall be made for breakfast?
*Idli, Idiyappam, appam or Puttu?

The milk is not risen yet.
(keep staring at it, it will not rise
Look away for a minute, it is sure to overflow)

How shall we reach office today?
By bus, by auto or by train?
The uniforms must be collected,
groceries are to be bought
mother-in-law must be rung up…

The milk has overflowed its brim.

Annie George, a poet and amateur artist, is the Author of Gladioli and Other Poems and De Stressing. She is the Editor of Roots and Wings, An Anthology of Indian Women Writing in English and translator of Border, short stories by P Surendran and poems of various Malayalam poets. Working as Section Officer at the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. Her poems have been widely anthologised in various collections of poetry and featured in many magazines and e journals.

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