Memory Zikhali, ZIMBABWE

LET ME BE......

Why won't you leave me alone
Let me have my peace
Let me be without you
Am tired of constantly waiting for you having to come second
Let me be the priority in my life for once
Let me be someone's first and only choice
I am tired of having to do for you what you will not do for me
You don't deserve me
You don't deserve my love
Many nights l slept alone with hopes that you would come back
Come back to me, to my bed and you did not
Many nights l could not sleep hoping that my phone would ring
and it was you asking me to open the door
Let me have my peace my mourning days are gone
Now I don't have to worry about you
You have no power over me not anymore
 No power on me
Now l watch you call in hopes that I will answer
I dare you, I dare you to dream because l will not pick up your call
I have no need for you now
I have no thirst for you
Not like that
you don't turn me on anymore
The butterflies l used to feel in my stomach have died
My heart doesn't beat for you anymore
For the lonely nights have taught me to be strong
Let me be without you; for once, leave me alone


Tarts we have been labelled as
Walking the streets, they whistle
Like dogs we obey
Loose cannons in date nights and in their beds, we will lay
The night waits idle to devour us
And day to condone us
From the pain of losing our virginity to the pain of child bearing we endure it all
Strong in the midst of our tame we subdue
Pure in heart and soul we deem
Perfect we fight to befit
Horrors of our strangled nights
We are constrained by the demons we carry within
In sorrow we find solace
In his arms we are safe
In darkness we sprout
Feed me with anguish
I know not to be without torment
He's my drug l get high
Stupefied in your presence
I am numb
I am feeble
Free me


I know when l said
Yes, l drink you calculated
Added and subtracted your maths
Striping me down to nothing
Striping me down to loose canon
You didn't except a lady, did you?
You didn't expect class
I could see it in your eyes tracing my dress
Looking at me the same way l look at cake
I took your breath away l know l did
I wore that dress on purpose
So, l drank with grace and got drunk with class
Smiled with a charm l knew turned you on
I could see it in your eyes
Watching my lips as l spoke
Ohh yes, l intentionally wore that water proof blood red lipstick
Its matte effect works well with my eyes and the way l curve my lips when l smile
Did you think we ladies are stupid?
Just because you said let's go for drinks it doesn't mean
l cannot read between the lines
We know your intentions
So, like a lady l carry myself and you will drop me home tonight
and l will say thank you for the drinks
and not invite you in
and call it a night
Like a lady l will walk steadily in my 6-inch heels, sway my hips
And walk away
Leaving your manhood and pride in shame

Memory Zikhali, studying theatre in Germany, is a poet, dancer, choreographer, actress, singer, musician and songwriter. She plays the African instruments Marimba, mbira and percussion, and has performed in international and local productions, theatres, circus companies and in Festivals. Her poems have been published in ‘The Upinsmoke Poetry CNR’ and ‘The Standard’ newspapers and some of her poems are awaiting publication in different anthologies. She started learning theatre and art at a very young age, joined the drama club in primary school and high school. She also attended local/ international Academies for education l and art like Music Crossroads, College of Music, UMOJACFC, Almasi Theater company. Theathro Pikollo, Jungel Wien Theater company.  As a singer, dancer and theatre artist, she has worked with (ie) Indoni, Wanai & the Blue Band, Tangawekwa Sando, Babaharare Band, Sodza & Band, Simba Art, Jabula Africa among many.

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