Mary Bone, USA


I have a vintage photo
Of a prairie woman
Who had crossed many bridges in her life.
She was a woman on a mission.
The photograph shows strength and resilience,
Perseverance and fortitude.
Her face showed the hardships of past decades.
This artifact continues to remind me of
A woman’s empowerment.


The world is a big place,
Full of many surprises.
Sometimes we spray mace,
When something dangerous arises.
There are men who rob and rape,
And steal other’s plunder.
They grab women by the nape,
And won’t turn loose until it thunders.
Sometimes we have things for our protection.
Women are fighting back.
We can learn karate and chop them in the middle section,
Throwing them down, with a whack.
Some men think women are helpless creatures,
One day we’ll make them realize
Even if we have to change their features,
We’ll cut them down to size!


A woman’s incandescent heart
Can bleed onto a page,
Celebrating her journey in life.
Her story is full of strong emotion
As she glows from within.
The heart is intense as she
shows her true feelings.

Mary Bone has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of twelve. She has written two books of poetry. Her work can be found at The Writing Disorder, Literary Yard, Spillwords, Oklahoma Today Magazine, Our Poetry Archives, The Homestead Review and other places. Mary likes to draw and paint in her spare time.

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