Nandita Bhattacarya, INDIA


She was a village girl
She never went to school
She did not know the complications of life
She was a simple girl married to a person
Whom they called an insane
But she had a deep respect for him
She loved him a lot
In fact, she loved everybody
Whoever came to her
Her heart was full of love for every great and small thing
She was a village girl
Who was the power of god man Ramakrishna

(*Maa Sarada or Mother, as she is popularly known as is the wife and companion of the great Indian sage Ramakrishna Paramahansa)


Lord Buddha left her when she was sleeping
clinging to her son Rahul
She was abandoned
Nobody knows what was really going within her
Was she feeling angry, helpless, insulted helpless?
Or was she weeping alone?
Nobody knew her state of mind
She never cursed her husband
She cut her long wavy hair
Because she came to know that Goutama had cut his beautiful hair
She used to take a little food
She slept on the floor
The queen Yoshdhara renounced all the pleasure of the palace
Because her husband renounced all happiness and pleasure of a prince
For the good of the universe
Buddha becomes a God, but Yoshodhara can’t be a goddess.


Subhadra was her name
She was a little abnormal
She lost her parents when she was only five
Her uncle brought her up
Her uncle died when she was sixteen years old
She started working as a maid in a family
She was there for 5 years
She was a little eccentric and suddenly left her job
Everybody tried to convince her to continue with the family
But she refused everybody
She roamed here and there and slept in an open verandah of a house
Everything was going on well
Until suddenly, it was found Subhadra was carrying
The ladies tried to know the name of the father of the baby
But the abnormal girl said firmly he who left me behind
Can’t be the father of my baby.

Nandita Bhattacarya (b.1963) is working with NYKS, under Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India since 1988. She is a prose writer and also writes poetry in Bengali and Englih. She has translated works of many poets and writers into English. Her notable books are Unnayaner Golpo, Mahatma bonam Gandhi (Translation of Mahtma vs. Gandhi by Dinkor Joshi) Amar Kobit, etc. Her articles and poems in Bengali and English have been published in several magazines, e-zines and anthologies.

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