Nandita Samanta, INDIA


Come on, women!
Show the world your acumen
Life has too many challenges to offer
Sort out one, another will appear
Never fear, keep your chin up,
One door opens
Every time one is closed up.
Don’t get used to live a life blear
Never accept to live a life in fear
It’s on you how much you decide to take
Happiness is all about the choices you make.
Never lose sight of who you want to be
Never blame yourself, "Why am I me?"
Don’t live in utter ignorance
Why let others take your decisions?
You can learn from the mistakes you make
Don’t keep scratching the superficial surface
Find a purpose in life, learn to anticipate.
Let no one dare to consider you weak
Scale the heights you want to seek
Tell the world we need no reservations
Don’t impose on us the patriarchal limitations
We are aware of the hypocrisy, veneer coated in care
Strategic empowerments are chauvinistic flair.
We need freedom, not a guardian to guide
Give us oxygen to burn, we already have the fire inside.
Come women, do it!
Before life flies by right before the eyes.

Nandita Samanta is a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal. She is a relationship and parenting consultant, secretary of creative forum, one of the coordinators of ISISAR’s working committee, a multilingual poet, a short story writer, a reviewer, an artist. Her poetry collection, ‘Scattered Moments’ has found good readership, it is well appreciated and reviewed. Her poems and short stories feature in various international and national anthologies, magazines, journals and e-zines. Her poems have been aired in the U.K. And US radio channels and also have been translated by renowned poets. Her paintings were showcased and sold at various exhibitions.

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