Poetry: Louis Kasatkin

By Louis Kasatkin

Louis is editorial administrator at www.DestinyPoets.co.uk and founder of Destiny Poets and in his spare time is a civic, community, political activist, blogger and general nuisance to the status quo!
 Louis Kasatkin

Coffee Table

coffee table magazines,
with those portraiture pictures
that capture those
" just so " glances,
with that pristine air
of purposeful confidence,
of a knowing what lies ahead;
and the apparel just so,
the complexion just so,
hair, eyes, nose and teeth just so,
of shop window dummies
playing at being us.

Accident & Emergency

They're waiting for you ,
they're waiting for you to die ,
but not on their shift ;
They don't fancy doing the paperwork
that you dying on their shift entails ;
They have tests to run ,
degrees to measure ,
percentages to ascertain ;
First you must be disempowered ,
brought under their stewardship ,
critical reasoning has to be set aside ,
so that you can be
assigned ,consigned ,designed
to fit in with their industrial logic ;
They're waiting for you ,
to consent to your incarceration ,
so that they can transform you
into one of their votive offerings ,
on one of their altars dedicated
to their idols of weakness and incapacity ;
Should you feel strongly enough
the urge to discharge yourself ,
and you go ahead and do just that ,
They'll still be waiting for you ,
waiting for you.....


  1. Accident and Emergency is one of the most powerful poems I have read in a long time. The medical community here in the US is on "speed dial". It is a shame because some of them are quite capable and caring but are also trapped in a frayed system.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your views.

  3. Both the poems are powerful but in different ways. While the former paints the boredom so perfectly, the latter ponders over the medical service aidees exhuberant waiting for our painless recovery or peaceful funeral.


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