Three Poems by S. A. Hamid


I have spoken so much
I still speak, talk
It’s my profession;
at times
my safety valve
like helpless expletives
for katharsis.

Even in silence
thoughts, feelings, ideas
take the shape of words
And again I speak, discuss
It’s unending.

A brief silence sometimes yields
a Joycean epiphany
a flash of insight
that again makes me search for words
to speak, confer, write.

Perhaps complete silence
shall only be in death.
The only meditation
I have known
results in poetry.

Ray of Sunlight

Her shapely toes
peeped out from a plastered leg,
like the first rays of the sun
warming my cold body, stirring
strange longings.

Her face
chiseled, perfect,
dazzles into submission
while her words
written in cyberspace
delicate, moulded into form,
from her body
seduce, ensnare into captivity.

Will you look into my eyes
decipher, comprehend
the turbulent waves of the sea?
Will you awaken
those long-forgotten desires
for orgasmic surrender
to an immaculate beauty?

Perhaps not.
I wait for your words,
while the shadows lengthen,
creep closer
to engulf me
into oblivion.


One hand on the genitals
the other on the keyboard
pictures of each other on the screen
brains enacting fantasies, role-play;
moves and counter-moves creating waves
fingers typing broken, shortened words,
urgent phrases
English, Hinglish, Hindi.

Let us play
say all till we meet
or maybe, never meet
all the dirty words in Hindi
as intimacy grows
abuses that excite
reaching a crescendo
till finally
groping wet hands
put the stamp
on cyber love.

Syed Ali Hamid: Professor, Department of English, Kumaun University Campus, Almora (Uttarakhand, India). He has four books of poems to his credit, the latest being The Ontology of Desire: New and Selected Poems (Authorspress). He also translates from Urdu/Hindi and English. Email:

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  1. 'Silence' is beautiful as it captures our urge to express myriad thoughts taking place in our minds.


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