Pramila Khadun, MAURITIUS


A woman is a revelation,
Not a retribution.
Hurt not the receptacle
In her flower of love,
Devour not her body
With eyes of lust.

Another day dawns
And another man is born.
Weary, oppressed and depressed,
She succumbs not to the destined
Trials and tribulations,
For, from baby to boy,
From boy to man,
Will all emerge from her lap.

Sometimes in reflective meditation,
At other times bereft of hope,
With the cosmos spinning around her,
She thinks of the damages
Done by a desire,
Sprouting from preconceived notions
Or simply a genetic inheritance,
Which holds her besieged
In between his legs
While she battles in a futile effort
To set her dignity free.

However, unrepentant soul that she is,
She steals not bright objects
Like the magpie does
Or flagellating herself with her failures,
Or masochist, loving her wounds and blows,
She focusses on her monumental achievements,
Her magnum opus, that will reveal
Her true and naked self
For she is a revelation.


Mother, evil passions had no sway upon you,
Nor were you afflicted by ego`s malady.
Poverty was neither a constraint
Nor a hindrance in your life`s journeying.

You never slept, mother, nor despaired.
Faltering and yet not falling,
Falling and yet not sinking,
Half broken in ashes,
Your life was full of challenges.

Mother, I still remember the song
You whispered over my cradle,
The way you washed my face
And the eternal strength and wisdom
That your eyes communicated to mine.

Your life, mother, was variegated
With deep thoughts and striking examples.
Your devotion to do good
Was as amazing as
Your love of humanity.

Mother, I shall continue loving you in silence,
Through you are so far away from me.
Where you are dwelling,
God is dwelling too,
Among your warm – eyed friends
And crimson – petalled flowers.

Sometimes when I`m lost in a lonely lane,
And the moon is hidden,
I think of you, mother.
Tears flow down my cheeks,
The cheeks that you used to kiss.

 I think of the crown of thorns
That life`s bitter calamities
Had cruelly put on your head,
And how diligently you guided me
To open up pathways
That lead to the golden palace
Studded with rubies and pearls.

I want to preserve and enhance, mother
All the queenliness I inherited
From your milk – white bosom.
In pilgrimage and in penance
I shall march forward, head held high,
And work for humanity with all my might.

Shower your blessings on me, mother,
Let that day come
When I have achieved my goal
And shaking your head approvingly,
From above, you will smile over me.


How can I forget the rustic scent
Of the village where I was born?
Having known suffering of epic proportion,
How can I forget the trenchant images
Of resistance, revolt, poverty and defeat.
Epicist of the female experience,
I still remember the musical flow
Of voices and counter voices
Echoing along the long corridors
While my mother’s scourging authority
Would uphold the dignity of our downtrodden fate.
With fearless love of Truth,
Which still exerts a far-reaching influence
On my life and especially my writing,
I walk the path alone with no sense
Of fear, insecurity, fear of old age and death.
How can I forget the pangs of hunger,
The dry throat, the family tragedies,
The mind’s clamor that could not be stilled,
Worrying about anything and everything
At one and the same time.
I never knew how strong I was
Until strength is the only choice I had.
The child that I was, I became strong.
I learned that if life is amazing,
She won’t be easy
And if she is easy,
She won’t be amazing.

Pramila Khadun, a retired educator, is a poetess from Mauritius. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies mainly, The American Poet Naomi Nye’s anthology, The Vast Sky, National library of Poems, Maryland, The significant anthology by Dr Ampat Koshy, Brian Wrixon for anthologies, Spring Summer Autumn and Winter, Pics anthology, Diaries at Coldnoon and Amaravati Poetic Prism. She is a featured poet at PentasiB and her poems appear regularly in various e-zines and print journals. She has 4 poetry collections and a novel to her credit . Her book “Food and Nutrition Simplified” is currently being used by Cambridge School Certificate in Schools in Mauritius. Her two projects, “Understanding Diabetes” and her collection of 108 Poems on peace and love titled “Shangri-la” are currently under print.

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