Dr. Poonam Nigam Sahay, INDIA


Twinkling like the shining star,
Radiating beauty from afar,
She, a figure of exquisite grace,
Determination lit all o’er her face.

Her loving Papa’s frisky darling,
Doting Mama’s chirping starling,
The pivot of their entire universe,
With her, day and night, they traverse!

Growing into a mindful woman soon,
The diligent schoolgirl, working night or noon,
Solving hefty problems in a jiffy,
A little rash, choosy, moody and iffy!

With decisions quick an’ a voice like a harp,
A groomed professional, a mind razor-sharp,
Juggling duties, responsibilities, tours or cares,
She now rules her worlds, dispensing deftly all affairs!


Her voice choked with hurt and sighs,
Tears rolling constantly from her red eyes,
Why can’t I have, what Shikha has?
Demanded she her mother askance.

We’ve grown up playing together,
Through fair or rough weather,
And you say, stay off, don’t bother,
Let my dreams drop like the feather!

Her mother, spoke quietly and wise,
“Know the difference. Stop your cries.
She’s the daughter of a tycoon rich,
But you belong to the darkest pitch!”

Like thunder and lightning, these words fell,
Heavy and tenfold, onto the poor girl,
Her mind swirled, her soul squirmed,
As if thrown to the rocks with the wisdom learned!


She became silent still, with a violent scream,
Day and night, she laboured hard,
Counting her goals, standing on total guard.

Till Nagmani cleared all exams with an ace,
Oh, the smile, the confidence and the grace,
Uprooted from the pain of the past,
She’s now game for the challenges vast!

Her mother though proud, could never fathom,
How she’d bridge all that’d seemed a chasm,
How the girl would be the teller of her own proud tale,
Yet Nagmani had triumphed, to  victoriously set sail!


 Woman, you are the Hope,
 The very confidence of our existence,
 The unspoken signature,
 Of infinity in every pore!

You are Love and Affection,
Beauty and Innocence Incarnate!
The World of Happiness,
 rue to every expectation.

You are Apara and Vishwara,
 Lopamudra, Gargi and Maitreyi,
 A treasure-trove of knowledge,
 And wisdom, like great Lakshmibai!

You are Durga and Kali,
You, our Saraswati and Lakshmi,
At one with the Creator of this Universe,
Our salute to Infinite Courage!

O Harbinger of the Golden Dawn,
Blessed, life-sustaining Samskara!
Eternal Vision – Craft Ever Anew,
O Thunder and Lightning of this World!

(Words in italics are names of Indian Goddesses and legendary Indian women of substamce)

Dr. Poonam Nigam Sahay writes poetry bilingually in English and Hindi and loves to pen on Nature and Life particularly.  She is an Associate Professor of English, actively guiding students for their doctoral thesis as well as M A/ M Phil dissertations. She has published widely in journals, nationally and internationally and has attended many conferences, inland and abroad. Some of her books are in press. She loves teaching and has a wide range of research interests - from Literature, Education, Linguistics to Poetry, Music and Painting.  However, poetry reigns supreme amongst all as that is her passion and life. 

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