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Javed Latoo is a senior medical practitioner and a medical editor based in the UK. In his spare time, Dr Latoo writes poetry as a hobby. His poems have been published in literary journals and magazines ( both print and online) as well as in anthologies. His poetry collections include Gushing Fountain: A Collection of Poems by Javed Latoo (2019). Dr Latoo likes to use poetry to explore the philosophy of life, mental health, neuroscience and Kashmir. He likes to write in the language of ordinary people, about their ordinary thoughts and their everyday insights. He also manages a UK literary journal "The Beautiful Space- A Journal of Mind, Art and Poetry."


Go and enter your solitude
You may discover 
The unexplored terrain 

Within, you may 
Untie the knots 
Of your mind, of your life.

You may discover, inner 
Ghettos, the origin of your 
Beliefs, biases, and fears.

Go and enter your solitude
You may stumble upon
Words, moments, smells, people,

And find the answer to many questions.
You may uncover, a silence, 
A womb of bliss

And creativity. Even if 
You find a dark, frightening, cave
You will find a way to Illuminate it.

Even if you find a gnawing fox 
You will find a way 
To tame it, to domesticate it. 

Even if you find rusted iron 
Bars, in the dark alleys of your mind, 
You will find a way to mould them 

Into an armour,
Into a lance, 
To fight your demons.

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  1. I am mesmerised by these lines.Kudos to the writer for this beautiful poem.


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