Setu Mag “Western Voices” Edition Introduction

Scott Thomas Outlar
Firstly, I want to say thank you to Sunil Sharma and Anurag Sharma for allowing me the opportunity to work on this “Western Voices” edition of Setu Mag. It has been a richly rewarding process, as my spirit feels buoyed after having spent the past month reading through the powerful verse sent our way.

Perhaps I use the word “inspired” a bit too often in life, but if this is a sin then I’ll accept the consequences. For what else is there to be? Other than inspired? That passionate state of consciousness that urges us to create, to invoke, to incite, to birth, to burn, to release, to empty out. Only to seek the next hit and start all over again.

Well, you needn’t seek far when enjoying the contents of this issue, my friends. Thirty-two poets have each delivered a gourmet dish of fine delicacies for us to devour. In fact, it is a celebratory feast they have prepared, and since we’re already talking about sins, go right ahead and be gluttonous. I invite you to gorge. Dionysus wouldn’t judge too harshly. These artists have offered pieces of their hearts and souls on a silver platter, they have breathed the essence of their experiences into the pages herewith, they have allowed you inside their minds that you may see through their eyes the scenes that were shaped while making muse of dreams.

There are teeth of war and pleas of repentance. There are righteous accusations and humbled sounds of absolution. There are gentle whispers mouthed from ghosts and visions of tomorrow’s ingenuity on the rise. There is lust and there is love and there is solitude, but never is there silence in these songs.

Pick any poet and let them take you along their path for a brief respite from your own worries of the day. Prepare a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever magical brew suits your fancy, find a comfortable spot to relax, and take a healthy bite out of this compilation. Just because it is a feast doesn’t mean you shouldn’t chew slowly and carefully. Settle in. There are subtle spices in these stanzas; let them dissolve on your tongue and tease your neurons with each unique ripening flavor.

I have a strong hunch that your reaction will be much like mine after dining on this 5-star cuisine, and you will be suddenly inspired to whip up some new recipes of your own. Remember, it’s never a bad idea to add one more touch of salt. Things can generally be balanced out with an extra spoonful of sugar if need be. Mix and match until the notes are fine-tuned. And may I suggest an orange for dessert? Or two? Or ten? They are raw and electric. As are the poems in this edition. Bon Appétit.

A sincere thank you to the wonderful writers who helped make this possible. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve on this project.

Scott Thomas Outlar

Poetry: Western Voices: Authors

Alan Britt
Alicia Minjarez Ramirez
Arlene Corwin
Arthur Broomfield
Chani Zwibel
Daniel Pixiades
Dave Norris
Donna Snyder
Don Beukes
Duane Vorhees
Dustin Pickering
    Gary Lundy
Heath Brougher
James Diaz
Javed Latoo
J.K. Winters
Joan McNerney
John Sweet
Kapardeli Eftichia
Kathy Ellis
Leanor Johansen
Lorraine Caputo
    Louis Kasatkin
Marianne Szlyk
Mari Deweese
Mela Blust
Michael H. Brownstein
Mihaela Melnic
Robert Maddox-harle
Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Soodabeh Saeidnia
Wanda Morrow Clevenger

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