Woman: Rameshwer Singh

Rameshwer Singh

- Rameshwer Singh

She has few options
During those years.

During her cycle
Either she conceives or

Menstruation means
Anxiety and agony.

Every four weeks!

Wonder how a nine year old little girl
Deals with bleeding and pain,
How does she tread her path
Playing with her beloved teddy bear and
Managing her napkins.

And oh!
She be isolated
And devoid of
All social activities.

A  permanent scar etched
In  her heart and soul,
She lives with it with
Silent tears.


She gives birth
She creates
But with so much of
Agony of
Labour pains.

She forgets everything
Amidst cry of her nascent baby.

But question remain


Why so much of pain
Blood and agony
For the woman.

Both female and male unite
For recreation and bliss .
But physiology dictates
Torture for her only!


Nobody answers,
Saints or doctors!

Why she need to be painful,
Bleed, that too in copious amount
To remain relatively anaemic.

And every month!

Why she need to bear pains
While giving birth .

I wonder and ask

I am perturbed!

Treating girls with
Abdominal colicky pains
During periods,
Pre periods, post periods
And mid periods.

Post menopausal.

Struggling with hormones
Throughout her life!

Listening to
Shrieking cries of
Women in labour pains
Reverberating in the hospital corridors
is heart stirring.

O Great Woman!

I feel
Though we as a medical fraternity
Have made inroads,
But more need to be done by us,
Not just
Patting our back for inventing Viagra
For males!

Need to work more
To make her months
Bloodless or painless

To carry her labour
With gentle ease.

To help her
In her struggle with hormones.

Still questions and suggestions,
Miles are we away from
Answers and remedies.

Oh Woman!

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