Duane Vorhees

Medicine men summon the sacred smoke
of sage sweetgrass and cedar.
They unrein the Dream.
And poets compose.
They unmine the mindfield,



I'm Karma Ka Kismet Id.
    ---- Who are you?
Law and water
meat computer
charity machine
Frankenstein in Happy Face, angel in jail
  ---- And you?


Between Notspringnotsummer, soundtrack courtesy of bird chirps and distant insects.
Adolescent sun, past initial timidity but its untested tyranny tentative still.
People in the park, some in shorts some in sweaters; children greening themselves in the grass.
Some sort of toy chihuahuaterrier mix of a lot of little and not much of large bounds across lawns, satellite dish ears heavenward, windshield wiper (misbuilt in back!) aquiver with boundless welcome, petunia tongue pinkly sampling the sprawlers,
heedless of that other dog making its stately way through the same expanse of soil oblivious of all those lesser beings in its presence (though each thinks itself the center and primary recipient of the awakening cosmos).
Just as the fyce ostentatiously lifts its back leg in a tree's proximity, the haughty dog hikes its own arrogant leg and pisses all eternity over the little dog's head before proceeding on its uncaring way with no backward glance at the wet Why Me? etched against a shivering muzzle.
Springs and summers revolve revolve round the sun's reigns and falls. Green kids brown and pale, redden, fade. Park people wrinkle and perish.
The canine autocrat loses a foreleg to one hubristic auto but otherwise surrenders little self regard or aristocratic inattention
except when it's winter and the ground is ice and the amputee must balance on two pins front and back near the withered tree.
Sometimes he slips, loses his grip, pisses all over himself, shakes it off, and dares the fyce to smirk.


"With all the wonder you have won
--O you, who took my summers' sum --
will now you win my winters too
or spend my age on agile youth?"
"The seas flow. Seasons flower.
But I delight in my idol."

Bio: After a half century of being away, Duane Vorhees returned to his hometown, Farmersville, Ohio. He writes when moved to do so and maintains a daily creative arts ezine at duanespoetree.blogspot.com. His recent collection, "Love's Autobiography," was published last summer by Hawakal Press.

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