Shivnath Kumar Sharma

- Shivnath Kumar Sharma

Save Girls …
(An appeal by unborn baby)
Oh, my fabulous father,
Let me come out safely
I don’t wish to have a lavish life.
I’ll command what your order is
Study with my brothers’ books
If you think about my marriage,
That’s really upset you but I take a vow
That I’ll remain unmarried until
I stand by myself.
By study, I’ll be secured a job
And invest that salary to make
 Your life and poor life better
I’ll do to you more than a son can do
If you think that your daughter would do
Then you do please allow me
To come in this beautiful world
I’ll clean kitchen and cook for you
I’ll do more what a maid could do
Do not provide me branded dress.
I’ll wear used clothes and eat
Remnant rice and curry.
If think so …
Request, permit me to enter in this world.
Let me fly and fulfil my dreams…

Educate girls to agitate:

Educate girls to firmly agitate,
Raise voices against the patriarchal state.
Let them come out of the confined domain.
And allow them to know her life’s chain.

A domain of parochial thoughts,
And of conservative routes.
The time has patiently witnessed 
Women have been more exploited,

Women have been kept silent,
And imprisoned within thorny walls.
No individual identity, 
And no place or position.

Where can they express inner self?
Then where do they actually belong?
The society has entangled
For its own benefits.

Are they not capable?
To come out and stand lonely.
Yes, they are genuinely able
Some of them perform brilliantly.

Educate girls to agitate
Against the system that cull their flying wings.
Wake up girls and debunk
The power and privileges that undermine you,

Unveil your aged-old veils
And execute your dreams-plans
To determine and decorate destiny.
Just watch, everything falls at feet.  

Educate girls to firmly agitate,
Raise voices against patriarchal state.

An Elegy:
Winter seems to be unwelcome guest.
Darkness begins to loom large, the sunlight shrinks.
Silence prevails and mounting tears fall.
Dogs don’t bark, birds stop chirping.
City clubs disperse, the consciousness splits 
The wind pauses, flowing water terminates.
Everything appears to be hiatus.
A world of gloomy and uncanny rests. 
High- tides of water engulfed the budding boy.
Body gently descends in the depthness of the sea.
Friends only witnessed the saddened dance.
A dance of hopelessness boy and swirling water
Nobody dares to dream of rescuing him
All they phobic of water.
Now, he remains as a silent shadow
in the formless memory of parents.
Memory of many voices results in voiceless.
The rising ray of hope exhausts in the life’s mid-way.
Desirous and dreamful eyes corrugate forever.
He was the eyes, voice and evidence of their existence.
Can Parents’ heavy hearts be lightened?
Will there be assuage in their burning hearts?

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