Poetry: Saikat Gupta Majumdar

Saikat Gupta Majumdar

Mother Ganges

Our legend tells
For years since a long
Here the ‘Mother Ganges’ does belong
And with the flow of events with her
She is the most ancient river.

Days come to an end
And from the dusk to the next dawn
The holy Ganges flows on
And again till the another dawn
She continues to go and on.

But with the passing of days
The habitation grows
And as the habitants are on way to rise
No more alone she flows
But carries filths with her
Polluting the holy river.

Still we say her the ‘Mother Ganges’
As believed since the past
As the legend says
And believe her to be the holiest of all
In the need of worshiping ‘Idol’
And for every religious need
She is most sacred indeed.

Know thyself well

Who tells the almighty is there
Above the hills high
Behind the blue far from here.

Who tells he’s but in the heaven
And one can find him
The death but comes when.

He is the omnipresent, almighty God
And lies everywhere
From your home to abroad.

And you adore him all
Whether praying at the church
Or, in the form of idol.

Where ever you’re he lives in your heart
So know thyself well
Leaving the rest apart.

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