Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

- Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

Sensation of Light (Linking Pin Sonnet)

Like a Venus flytrap you swayed in the night
Night raising the mind’s trace of soft flowing light
Light of fragrance as a sweet rose moves and flows
Flows with sweetness challenging all souls to know
Know such beauty displaying nice charm in style
Style of electric current making hair wild
Wild stretching limbs formed like crystal snow
Snow of sensation shining as stars glow
Glow as there is love shining in hearts for you
You! As the Milky Way flows, we stick like glue
Glue binding time for love to grow and renew
Renew like the sunset mixed with freshen hues
Hues like a Venus flytrap swaying at night
Night, soothing the minds with soft flowing lights!

If Only She Could Stay (Linking Pin Sonnet)

She came into my life with a sweet smile
Smile touching my core of existence
Existence gave up without my resistance
Resistance to her soul staying for awhile
Awhile, like a star rests in the universe
Universe with my soul seeking a nice wish
Wish for her to make me a succulent dish
Dish to which we royally dined and smiled

Smiled like a genie on a carpet ride
Ride where she glowed with love, in her time and space
Space where my fingers touched her smiling face
Her smiling face touched my heart as she glides
Gliding away like she came with a smile
Smiling—if only she could stay awhile!

Her Smiling Face of Grace (Linking Pin Sonnet) 

Bright light illuminates her smiling face
Face gently smiling in time and space
Space where she moves charmingly in style and grace
Grace as her smiling face lights up the place

Place inhales her seductive smile with charm
With charm she took the place just like a storm
A storm moving timely touching with great taste
Tastily her sweet smile light up the place

Place blinking, watching, with many now twitching
Twitching, and standing their ground, they start itching
Itching and urging, for her charming embrace
Embrace from her sweet smiles lights up the place

Place of light and grace, a smile on her face
Her face smiles with grace which lights up the place!

Author’s Comment: The Linking Pin Sonnet was developed by Joseph S. Spence, Sr. during January 2007. The concept is primarily based on the principles of leadership in accomplishing a mission or task in an organization. This comes by strengthening the organizational echelons at each level, by connecting each element with a linking pin of leadership for strength, thus obtaining maximum productivity in the completion of its goal. One should be able to visualize each linking pin connecting to the next to ensure strength and safety in moving every adjoining part to reach its maximum potential in mission accomplishment. Additionally, the linking pin sonnet, resonates as two lovers on the same sheet of music linking with each other, singing the same song, and moving in the same direction while strengthening each other, for betterment by overcoming obstacles and strengthening their goals with success and victory as one.


  1. Thank you very much for publishing my three "Linking Pin Sonnets." Have an awesome day, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, and blessed always!


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