Poetry Debut: Anika Padha, USA

I am currently a junior in high school. I try to be extremely active in my school as well as my community. Connecting with the Indian community has always been a critical aspect of my life. Throughout my childhood up until now I have performed at multiple functions, international days, talent shows, and garbas. Poetry has always been an extremely paramount aspect of my life. My earliest recollection of writing poetry is around 4 years old. I can vividly recall writing about my fascination of both the moon and stars. Personally, writing is an emotional outlet. I am able to express and let out my inner feelings, and hopefully relate to others. My poems are inspired by emotions, events and observations. Politics, psychology and society are the driving forces behind my literary thought process. My main goal in writing is to translate the emotional experience teenagers are faced with into writing. - Anika Padha

The luminaries

the moon will ascend once again,
to light up the somber sky.
the glimmering stars pursue behind,
awaiting their time.
they rise tonight,
strong and white,
darkness will be overthrown.
a symbol of hope I see,
through my teary eyes.
rising anew,
they look at me with condoling eyes.
every night a symbol is sent,
for the ones who must recall,
the light you have is resilient enough,
to make your shadows fall.

A woman’s poise

how pathetic
is the world,
to a man’s imperfections.
the men are boorish,
trampling spirits as they reign.
they mistake our lull,
for victory in vain.
our silence is vigor,
spurring us to rise
to feud the society
sanctioned our cries.

Without my wings

I wish, I never cut off my wings.
They fly freely as I am forever captive.
I hope one day they find me and forgive me for letting them go,
because I will never be able to forgive myself.


  1. Full of emotions and well articulated. Bless you, keep writing.Please Check my blog @

  2. A Women's Poise Poem shows us a very matured Poetess who has found her Voice so early.
    She is Walking in the illustrious footsteps of her Talented Poetess Dadiji
    Our favorite Sau. Shashi Padhaji who is a featured Author on this web portal
    To read Anika is Wonderful indeed.My Blessinhs.
    Very good Anurag Sharma bhai to promote
    Young talent on Setu Bilingual सेतु पत्रिका


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