Srishti Sharma

- Srishti Sharma


So girl,
You were caged and contained,
For your worth,
And work.
You were harmed,
And completely bruised,
With fistful of harshest words.
But girl,
Don’t swallow these words,
As there are demons in the world,
Who would be the happiest,
 By making you the saddest.
Hey girl!
I believe in the powers you own,
The things and people who you could disown.
Get up,
Don’t run,
Instead make a powerful comeback.
Let not these filthy minds hold you back.
Be free, be kind.
Be fierce.

Plight of a working woman

She runs the house,
She runs the office,
She’s into it,
Being into herself.
Sundays come and go,
But she relentlessly,
Keeps working,
Sundays are not for her.
Handling family members,
Handling household chores,
Handling important phone calls,
Making food,
And at last,
Getting ready and,
Leaving for office.
In those locals,
Which are filled with sweaty people,
Running late,
Wallet being stolen.
Family doubting,
For being late.
What does this woman gets in return,
for all the sacrifices she makes the entire life?
Doubts, bitter-talks, sadness, depression.
Is this all she deserves?
They earn the huge amount,
Of trust, loyalty and respect.
Go and give some.

Eve of New Year

Two little kids,
Malnourished bodies,
With a dupatta,
With a spring
At the,
Towering buildings,
Mindless displays,
Of scarce energy,
In halls and lobbies.
Whereas hovels,
Remain dark,
And unlit.
Lanterns, lights,
Put on,
French windows,
For ushering,
In New Year.
Pretty ladies,
In slim-fit sheaths,
And I-Pods,
Men in Jackets,
And branded
Leather shoes,
CK fragrances.
Driving off,
In a chauffeur-driven sedan,
For splurging,
On the,
High-calorie and expensive  food.
Without bothering,
For the,
Poor, hungry people,
Staying in slums,
Waiting to get,
A two time-meal.
Which will,
Help them live and sustain,
In this big world.

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