Poetry: Elvira Kujović (Serbia – Germany)

Exclusive European Poetry: Curated by Agron Shele


ELVIRA KUJOVIC was born in Novi Pazar –Serbia. She has studied English Language and Literature and Law. She is a mother of three children and lives in Germany. She started to write in 2013 and issued two books of poems. The first book was published in Berlin in 2016 and bears the name (Ein Gedicht schreit auf aus meiner Brust) The second book is published in Belgrade –Serbia and bears the name (Love and fear). Her poetry won an award for poetry in Italy. Her poems are translated in many world languages, especially English and Italian. Also, two new books will be published in these two languages.

The black silk veil

Every morning you are wandering
you are running,
you are running
Where do you want to go?
From whom or from what
are you running away from.
From the black silk veil
which covered your eyes
which hid your soul behind.
Rebels your heart in front of human pains
and opens the wounds in your chest
again and again.
Bites you the snake
which has nestled in it
and let your heart withers
Swallowing everything good inside.
Have you left a piece of soul for me
so that you can love again?
So that you can truly feel again.
Can you see the reality with your open eyes,
or had the war fog blackened and buried your senses,
blackened and buried your feelings.
Had the war killed you?
Had it burned your inside?
So that you can not be ever burned again.
Never again.
Have you left a piece of soul for me ?
If not, then I have enough soul for both of us
I will bring you peace again,
I will bring you the soul back.

Shadows behind me

What swallowed my soul
why did it fall into the abyss of hell
when it was so beautiful and harmless.
Why did the paths cross in front of my feet
Why did my face put on the mourning dress
Why did my life disappear in the fog
becoming the shadow which followed me
the voice, that cries blood, out of my mouth
the sword, that cut my heart out
a snake that bit my eye.
And now, in the mornings and the evenings
when I lie in the soft-smelling bed of my grave
I still hear the happy laughter of my past life
but why all eyes I see
shed the bloody tears
and all the hands I press
smell like the dust of the Syrian earth.
Why do I wish to hide under the bird´s wing
and why don´t I wish yet
nothing to forget?.

Three suns for happiness

One blood vessel and one breast
Nourish three suns
The harmony of eternity
Will be caught in a moment
In this one moment
The happiness of the planets
Has been born
In this caught moment
Happiness celebrates its victory over the transience
And praises God who created the worlds
Love keeps them together in a tight bond
The magic lets them never separate
Their names are:
Devotion, courage and freedom
Chiselled by the magic hand
Created from love
They shine and glitter defiantly
Towards the stars in the sky.

The soul as a gift –

I am a piece of rubble
with the closed eyes
with the stolen voice
and a killed love.
I am a part of you
my bloody Syria.
I left you my Soul
because you didn’t have one yourself,
my beloved homeland, my country.
My soul shall live in your empty houses
travel by the wind through the Millennia.
I will never ask back for it
I will stay soulless.
I will become a star
who will take care of you
my home, my country.

The Shadow

Daytime when everyone wakes up
And shy expect
A nice surprise of life
I appear before you in white shadow
Born of the dark of your iris
I appear like the loving woman
Which follows you on the step.
My white shadow surrounds you quietly
Kisses you on your neck
Lets you tremble
Lets you wake up
Then it disappears
quickly again in your eye back
That nobody but you is able to see it
My love.

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