Poetry: Eftichia Kapardeli (Greece)

Exclusive European Poetry: Curated by Agron Shele
Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY
live in Patras She writes poetry, stories, short stories, hai-ku , essays  She studied journalism AKEM  Ηas many awards in national competitions Her work there is to many national and international anthologies  Has a section at the University of Cyprus in Greek culture is a member of the world poets society. website is http://world-poets.blogspot. com / is a member of the IWA (international writers and artists Association) chaired by Teresinka Pereira, had from IWA Certify 2017 as the best translation and  member of the POETAS DEL MUNDO . kapardeli@gmail.com

Scattered souls

In the tide of our soul
to human virtues and values
with the Father's affection
blood of life made
and mother kiss

In our persecuted brother
n a big hug
tenderly fit in
our tired hands

In the sowing of souls
in the birth of survival
with patience and pain
we are engraving
the red veins

Strange voices of love drunk
a thousand hopes and joys
in the foliage of the souls
essences of our tears

In the sowing of souls
in the birth of survival
Our greatest battle
for Eternal amaranth flowers
with affliction and love
and for endless skies


The leaves and twigs together breed
birds that smell the heart of the green
then the wings open and the sun travels

In the deep colors of loneliness I slept
with its wet pine needles and its
Eucalyptus the peels dressed
and those wild clovers lie side by side
  on the path, enchanted

The sun is low on the rays of the evening
here my house ...... and my heart
  alone and broken

In the shadow of the night

The day is gone
on every night  of sky and earth
are lost colors and the sounds
Only the murmur of water
  from the Eternal Source
mourns the darkness

People become one with darkness
The fatigue of a long day
eyelids weigh
at Morpheus' call

Stars forms   bathing
over the trees
Loaded sea scents
from the sea   of   carefree
  of The  Silver Moon  and Heart

But    in the
  the soul trembles in the dark, mystify
waits  for dawn with light,
Expensive ornament of the sun

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