Poem: A Farmer’s Dream

Sutanuka Ghosh Roy
I have a small piece of land
Where I cultivate paddy
I leave my home early dawn
And come to my own land
Each day I toil and see the Sun seeing me
Birds come, they chirp and sing
I have one cow who helps me to till the land
I look at the sky now and then to search for a spec of cloud
If it rains, my paddy will turn green
I will then buy clothes for my children
If I get a good crop, I will send my children
To school and buy my wife a sareee
Only if the crops are good it will provide me my livelihood!

Dr Sutanuka Ghosh Roy is Assistant Professor and Head Department of English in Tarakeswar Degree College, The University of Burdwan. She did her doctoral dissertation on Two Eighteen Century British Women Poets: Hannah More and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. She has been teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level for twelve years. She is currently engaged in active research and her areas of interest include Eighteenth Century literature, Indian English literature, Canadian Studies, Post-colonial Literature, Australian Studies, Dalit Literature, Gender Studies etc. She has published widely and presented papers at National and International Seminars. She is a regular contributor of research articles and papers to anthologies, national and international journals of repute like The Statesman, Muse India, Lapis lazuli, Setu etc. She is also a reviewer, a poet, a critic and an avid painter.

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