Abu Siddik (Voices Within)

Abu Siddik is a writer, residing in Berhampore, Murshidabad, India. He works as Assistant Professor in English at Plassey College. He has contributed to various e-journals and anthologies. He has also published three books. Website: www.abusiddik.com

No Middle Way

No middle way
Between ‘us’ and ‘they’
You have to be exact
In your claim.

Middle way we hate
Middle people we chase and crush
Middle arguments we abhor and silence.

Be violent
Or stay cool,
Don’t dissent
We have gunmen, firemen and black-men.

If I speak

If I speak for the poor
I am a leftist.

If I speak for common sense
I am an atheist.

If I speak for the vanquished
I am a betrayer.

If I speak for farmers
I am a perennial pessimist.

If I speak for the persecuted
I am a trouble-maker.

If I speak for the margins
I am ambitious.

A Roadside Dhaba

Sunday radiant noon
Holiday makers pant
Cease and loll.

Dhaba, a spotless speck
Amid tea garden stretches,
A leafy roof of ease and aid.

Waiters spin,
Cooks glow,
And cashier bows.

Tourists drink,
Dine and smoke
Smoke and drink and laze.

Voices Within - 2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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