Poetry: Jaydeep Sarangi

Jaydeep Sarangi

Dancing the Light

Long wait, after mute sleepless waiting
silence gathered in both hands.

When the storm is over, after an earthquake
 a lonely mirror is weaving the net.

Holding truth fagging it up, re enacting
an old play. after a spell of love making.

Trees wearing the spirit
the rice has got strange wings.

Memory carries me to strange lands
wild as Nataraj against a darkening cloud.

 Rain breaking everything,
all laws, only wishes.

I’m held by new promises
with colours of soft morning rain.

My horse is waiting
outside uncertain faiths.

Blue waters of oceans
keep me a stranger in the house.

Someone is watching me, always
from close quarters of life.

I may leave this unseen, beyond words
all wishes may go, but this chalice of love

After this certain of longing
my light has a home.

In My Home Town

There is peace after a homely noise
my mother sleeps safe after the evening chants.

The earth watches
I take the pigeons out every day.

Every pain has a remedy
with men and women rising.

Fair green Mistress
I bear a rooted grief.

I speak with your words.
I peel out the scabs.

Growing Lonely

Now I stand upright
Among these ruins of life
With my diabetic bones
Waiting for a full song
From night birds.
My weariness, my aging timber
Still waits for friends
Who have become friends of others.
I watch my doors
Unshut from within.
Always keep the keys ready.

A promise
Then, too long a distance.
Relationship is a gimmick.
I fear not arthritis
But this neglect.


Jaydeep Sarangi is a bilingual poet with nine collections latest being Heart Raining the Light (2020) released in Italy. Sarangi has read his poems in different shores of the globe. His later readings were at Flinders University, University of Western Australia, University of South Australia,University of Wollongong, Perth Poetry Club (Australia), University of Udine (Italy) and University of Rezeszow (Poland). Sarangi is on the editorial boards of different journals featuring poetry and articles on poetry like Mascara Literary Review, Transnational Literature, (Australia), Teesta, WEC (India). He is a professor of English and principal at New Alipore College, Kolkata.
E mail: jaydeepsarangi@gmail.com

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