Amita Ray (Voices Within)

Amita Ray, former associate professor in English is based in Kolkata. An academic of varied interests she is a translator, short story writer and has two books on translation to her credit. Her short stories have been published in The Sunday Statesman, Cafe Dissensus, Setu and other e- zines of repute. She also has a passion for writing poems many of which have been acclaimed and published.

A Fairy Tale

She stared at the night bleak
clutching a pall of gloom
pangs in morsels snowballed
gnawing palpating membranes,
a teenage love story
sizzling promise of a fairy tale
ended half baked
a Cinderella transfixed
 at the stroke of twelve.
Depression smouldered
stratified under a pale moonlight
only if tears could efface life
she shed enough of it dipping bones
cloistered in shallow breath
looking down the precipice-
suddenly she spied above
a steady luminous gaze
the star, a confidant, her mother
in the farthest corner of the galaxy
she had frantically looked for
to bare a long orphaned bosom.
She waltzed through life anew
in love that heals, hope that never forsakes
the precipice a picturesque plot of land
and she lived, happily ever after.


Grief is not charcoal grey you see
 dappled with a splash of strokes
culled from palette of emotion
 VIBGYOR spectrum wrenched from sorrow.
Cherished moments mellow pale yellow
violet shadow cast on ashen visage
a tear bed of meandering blue,
anguish smoulders in fathomless void
the hue sunset orange,
dying embers in pangs exude
a candle light filigree of memories
in recess of dark chambers
nurses an ochre wound.


Voices pronounced brazenly juggle
dodge to face facts
manipulate meanings
debone truth to tales
prescribe narratives to subjugate
the sea of ‘other’ voices

Voices profound sigh
through pine woods, mountains,
valleys streets and alleys
gasp for articulation
in art and articles
get lost in desert of exile
hushed in graves for good
bulldozed by censors, curbs, clampdowns,
Beware if you Dare!

Voices young, plastered with a wall of silence
at the end of dead lane
resurge indomitable

in Nature’s timelessness.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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