Glory Sasikala (Voices Within)

Glory Sasikala is a poet, writer, and publisher currently residing in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. She is also the editor and publisher of the online poetry and prose magazine, ‘GloMag,’ featuring writers from all over the world. She brings out two hard copy versions of the magazine every year. She is the administrator of GloMag Group and Love Group on Facebook.


I know your every thought
Like the back of my hand
The time you decided
You won't be my protector
The time you decided
You’d hold back
The time you decided
I don’t want you in my life
The time you decided
I won’t acknowledge your presence

And it puzzles me that you come back to me
Again and again
Enigma that I am
Destroying your life—
Unable to hold
Unable to let go

Morning Thoughts

Fish in bowl
Bowl in Sunlight
Dancing waters
Crazy colours
Coloured pebbles
Little fish resting on leaf…

I sip my coffee
At peace with the world.


Dear First Love,
Years ago
Young and uncertain
Our eyes met
Our paths converged
Only to diverge
In tangents
You, in search of your dream
I, in search of mine
Through it all,
Did you feel the void even then
As I did?

Now that our paths converge once again
Our eyes meet
Once again
We blush even now...

The years between.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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